Max Gate Dorchester Dog Walk - 2.5 Miles

Posted: Aug 10, 2017
By: Rete

This is a walk that I do quite a lot as it suits so many of the dogs that I walk. There is no livestock, mainly flat, wide open views so easy to keep your dog in view throughout if walking off lead, quiet (unusual to see another walker) so good for antisocial or nervous dogs and you it is easy to navigate. Not a good walk to do if hot as limited shade and only one water source.


1.Park in Came View Road and cross over the roundabout at the Crossways exit.

Step 1

2.Go through the gap and along the tree lined path.

Step 2

3.Enter the field and take the left hand path and continue up the slope to the second field through the tree line.

Step 4

Step 5

4.When you enter the second field turn immediately right. We are going to walk around the edge of this field.

Step 6

5.Follow the path along the field's edge. You will see a water trough on the right. This is the only dog water available for this walk.

Step 7

6.Continue to the stone path and follow it up the hill for a short distance with tree line on right.

Step 8

7.When you enter into the next field turn left. (It is possible to extend the walk by following the path straight into the second field which will naturally loop back around and make the total walking distance 3.5-4 miles).

Step 9

8.Walk up the slope so you continue walking the edge of the field.

Step 10

9.Turn left at the top towards the mounds and follow the path . Walk past the mounds on your right and then the woodland on your right.

Step 11

Step 12

Step 13

Step 14

10.At the corner of the field turn left down the slope and back through the tree line.

Step 15

Step 16

11.Exit in the bottom right corner of second field and you are back where you started.

Step 17

Step 18

Step 19

Step 20


Hilary Nov 24, 2018 20:54

Thanks for this walk. We’re staying near Dorchester for a week and looking for off lead walks for a bouncy Labrador. Thank you

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