Grove Hill Martinstown Dog Walk - 2 Miles

Posted: Aug 10, 2017
By: Rete

Just over 2 miles of beautiful countryside. Some hills and possibility of livestock and deer. Important your dog has good recall if walking off lead. Quiet walk. Unlikely to see other walkers.


1.Park in Martinstown village. The starting point for this walk is Grove Hill which is opposite the church, however, Grove Hill is a private road so you will need to park nearby. Walk up Grove Hill to the top. Straight ahead, before it bends to the right, go through the gate and into the field.

Step 1

Step 2

2.Walk straight across the field and through a second gate into a small copse.

Step 3

3.Walk down through the wood.

Step 4

4.Follow the path along the grass track. High probability of seeing deer.

Step 5

5.Follow the chalk path (as it bends around to the left there is a small field entrance on the right with a water trough if your dog needs refreshments!).

Step 6

6.Continue on the chalk path until you get to the 5 bar gate. This is where my walk finished today due to the cows! I turned back at this point. If your negotiation skills are better than mine then you can go through the gate and go right or straight up Great Hill and bear left to bring you either to the top of Gould's Hill or, you can turn off to Eweleaze Farm and back down into the village.

Step 7

Step 8


ElaineDec 09, 2020 21:04

My hubby and I did this walk today. We went to the top of Gould's hill and turned left and went down Eweleaze farm .
Nice walk with beautiful views.

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